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Don't Get Up. Access News and Entertainment in One Place with "DISH Apps."

DISH® offers a wide range of smart TV applications or "DISH Apps" that allow you to interact with your home-entertainment system using your remote. Now you can access all the great TV sdasudhaiushdiuashdhows, watch the latest news, listen to music, or even play your favorite video games from your TV - all from the comfort of your couch! So grab your clicker and start accessing all kinds of entertainment from DISH.


Want access to the streaming service of Netflix AND live TV programming from the same device? With innovative products like the Hopper, you can access the wide selection of TV shows, movies, and documentaries on Netflix alongside your live DISH television programming.

Now you don't have to decide between two of your favorite TV services; instead you can have access to both programs on one device. DISH is the first major satellite TV provider to include direct access to Netflix on its set-top box for your convenience.

*Netflix streaming membership required.

Score Overlay

Are you a die-hard sports fan?

No need to change the channel and miss a second of your favorite sports games with your favorite teams. Now, with the click of a button you can view live sports scores on ESPN and ESPN2 with the Sports Overlay App from DISH. You will get the most updated sports data with refreshed scores every 30 seconds! Stay tuned-in to the action with Sports Overlay. No additional equipment needed.

DISH Home Channel 100

Channel 100 from DISH is your home for informational entertainment and applications you can interact with! Grab your remote and check the news, the weather, play games, and much more. Tune into channel 100 to view live videos of special events and previews on 6 different channels.

Interactive Game Apps

Tune into Channel 96 for interactive games the whole family can enjoy! You even have chances to win real-world prizes right from your living room at home! Games are available for subscription that you can add or remove from your programming package at any time.

Not sure if you want to include a game in your DISH program package? You have the opportunity to try out the game first before you have to decide on paying for the subscription. Gain access to games like Hunting Trails, Playin’ TV, I–playTV, Tetris®, and more! No extra equipment is required.


Listen to today’s top music hits with VEVO on DISH. VEVO offers an immense library of songs, music videos, and performances from the most popular artists and songwriters. Search through your favorite songs or artists, stream videos, and see original shows of your favorite albums. Lose yourself to the world of music when signing up with VEVO from DISH.


Becoming your own DJ has never been so easy with applications like Pandora, available to you from DISH. Pandora on the Hopper™ allows you to search for your favorite songs, artists, or albums and create a personalized radio station based on the music you love.

Guide the music selections with “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” filters, so you can enjoy the music you love from the comfort of your home. Log into Pandora through your Hopper using your existing Pandora account or create a new one in minutes!

TWC Interactive

Never get stuck in the rain again! Check out the local weather forecast right fom your TV so you’ll never have to leave the house without your umbrella! View the daily forecast, 5-day predictive forecasts, and today’s radar on channel 214 or in DISH’s HOME Channel 100. No extra equipment is required.

Hunting Trails

Love hunting for GAME in the great outdoors? Experience the virtual world of hunting from your TV at home. The Hunting Trails app allows you to hunt prey in various seasonal levels, complete challenges, and play games to acquire better virtual hunting gear. You even have a chance to win awesome monthly prizes by competing with others on the nationwide leaderboard.


Showcase your personal memories straight from your television set. Lyve and DISH allow you to upload personal pictures and photo albums onto the Hopper and view them as another way to reminisce on old memories.

Customer Support

No need to pick up the phone for help with DISH services. You can easily manage your DISH account and personal settings while sitting on your couch at home. Through our interactive Customer Support Application, you can easily add programming, manage account settings, and view or pay your bill with the click of your remote. Phone line or Broadband connection required.

MLBN Interactive

Receive local and international news from the Major League Baseball Network right to your television at home with the MLBN Interactive TV app. Stay updated with daily box scores and instant updates – it’ll feel like you’re hanging in the dugout with your favorite team. Find it today in the DISH Home Channel 100 or in the Hopper “Apps” folder. Play Ball!


Game night has just been taken to a whole new level. Games Channel 96 is an on-demand gaming line-up exclusive to DISH customers. Gain access to over 50 game-favorites like “MONOPOLY,” “Tetris,” “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”, and “Kong Adventures.” Subscribe to games by themes or get the entire catalog with DISH’s Channel 96.

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